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With a modest and customer-oriented approach, we are highly preferred for the production and supply of Fortune Safety shoes. Our shoes are made with comfortable and light materials and are used in various sectors. These are available to customers in different models, sizes and colors, in order to meet their different needs.
The supplied shoes are designed in accordance with industry standards. Our Rockstar shoes are certified for quality in our unit after production, in order to provide safe deliveries without damaging the customer's place.

Features: Continuous finish, industrial PU safety, elegant design, industrial safety shoes, our customers can take advantage of an exclusive range of industrial safety harnesses such as safety work shoes, PU safety shoes, available in various sizes and are used in various sectors. Made with high quality raw materials, these PU safety shoes offer complete protection in high temperature work stations and are very comfortable to wear.

It is no exaggeration to say that the only PU is governing the footwear industry. Because? Because it meets the requirements of comfortable and durable materials for the production of high quality safety footwear for work environments. Top reputable shoe manufacturers in India use this sole to offer the best quality shoes. The soles of the PDU are perfect for the production of resistant footwear because these soles are resistant to abrasion and water.

They are lightweight and have long-term mechanical properties. Therefore, people prefer to wear PU-soled shoes when working in difficult work environments. Although the manufacturers of hiking and sports shoes have already used these soles to make sturdy shoes, the manufacturers of fashion and work shoes use these soles also for their durability and durability.high quality To offer you a better understanding of PU soles and the benefits of using them, here are some advantages you can get.

Shoes that use PU soles are comfortable, flexible and easy to use. They stand out for their performance and are non-slip, resistant to water and oxidation. They are environmentally friendly, excellent shock absorbers and resistant to chemicals. DUAL density shoes are not foreign to the world of PPE. They quickly became one of the most important security solutions in the world of protective footwear.